Preparing Your Brain To Go Back to School

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

 Going back to school should be an adventure filled with excitement, challenge, and triumph. With modern technology, today’s students have the greatest opportunity the world has ever known to learn about the very small, the very grand, the very distant, the very complex, and the very things that, in the past, could only be imagined. As with any journey, preparation is key.

Preparing your brain for a journey that challenges your mind is analogous to preparing your body for a journey that challenges your physiology. Your body needs sleep and adequate nutrition to heal and repair when you begin an exercise program because your physiology changes to meet new demands: mitochondria in your muscles become larger and additional mitochondria are produced to handle more energy production, your body filters out “weaker” red blood cells and produces more of them to carry more oxygen, and your enzyme levels adjust.

Regarding brain health and sleep, the NIH provides important information for students on maintaining a Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-Being. Arianna Huffington wrote a popular book on the subject called The Sleep Revolution, which is being promoted by a college tour.

Regarding brain health and nutrition, eating healthy is a great start, and certain nutrients are particularly needed and considered brain superfoods. Dr. Low Dog lists foods rich in Choline and states, “Choline… is essential for helping to maintain memory and cognition.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience reports, “a low selenium level is associated with lower cognitive function in humans.” SelenoExcell® is a natural, food form of selenium that will ensure your body is getting an adequate supply of this vital nutrient for long-term cognitive health.

People who use healthy means to nurture their brains and bodies are prepared for positive experiences, and they tend to avoid quick fixes with undesirable substances. All of us at Cypress Systems Inc. would like to wish students the best of luck in their endeavors and hope you have a fulfilling life experience. We encourage you to aim high and be well prepared for your journey. Enjoy the challenge and the triumph!


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