From the desk of the President

It was several years ago while reading the book Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper and working with Jim Whitt at Purpose Unlimited, that I discovered the purpose of Cypress and our clinical research work with SelenoExcell. That purpose is Waging War on Disease and Suffering.

At Cypress and SelenoExcell, we understand the term “waging war” has a very strong connotation, but when we look at the disease states such as cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS, anything less than a war time effort is marginal in defining the resources needed to combat these growing health problems. I invite you to visit our JPW3 web site to better understand the ways in which we as a company are working to fulfill our purpose.

With our flagship product SelenoExcell, we have a rich 20-year history in Gold Standard cancer prevention research. We work closely with clinical research groups, companies such as XY Wellness, and a growing number of integrative health care practitioners to advance a proactive healthcare strategy.

In the area of HIV/AIDS, we are actively involved with partner humanitarian efforts, ministries of health, local governments, research groups, and purpose driven individuals to improve the health and wellness of the most vulnerable in the regions of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

On behalf of our team at Cypress and those partnering with us to advance the awareness of SelenoExcell, we invite you to be a part of purpose driven life, waging war on disease and suffering.


            Paul A. Willis - CEO/President